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DMCA Policy of embroiderykhazana.com

According to 17 U.S. Code § 512, copyright owners are entitled to acknowledge infringement on the web. All hereby know that embroiderykhazana.com strictly adheres to the DMCA guidelines. We shall not endure any form of infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, therefore, if we happen to stumble upon any unauthorized use of our website's images online. We will proceed to take action against the author under the specified act. Thereupon, if you still do not put down the copyrighted material from your website. We may further take legal action. Thus, if you violate our copyrights of embroiderykhazana.com, you will have to bear the compensation.

On the contrary, if you find any material on our search engine that breaches the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Subsequently, it would be best if you informed us by writing to us stating the query in detail. We suppose that accusation imposed on us by you would be accurate. If, in any case, we found the allegation to be a facade. You will have to take charge of it, and you may be subjected to punishment. In addition, you shall have to pay the penalty. This penalty includes the cost of attorney's fees for the legal assistance. Nevertheless, this is what you have to do if you find your copyrighted material on our website.
Before taking any action, you must send us a notification. Likewise, you should send proper evidence of how we have infringed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by replicating your material online.
You should also provide contact information to connect and negotiate regarding the same. Furthermore, it would help if you listed the keywords that appear on embroiderykhazana.com, inferring the accountability on us. After all, the legitimate procedures in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have been proved right. We will see wharf down the claimed article without any qualms.
The owner of the claiming party must produce a statement. It needs to have the owner's signatures or any authorized member under his guidance. NOTE – You can email the infringement notice to embandcreation@gmail to reach out to us.
On a side note, it might take us 48 hours to respond to your mail. We would request you to be patient and reckon with us for any inconvenience. (Make sure to write your DMCA notice in the proper format so that it does not seem to be spam)