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About us

About us

Embroidery Khazana was established in the year 2004 and very soon went on to become one the largest and most reliable embroidery art preparation centres in India. Their range of embroidery collection, included stock embroidery, embroidery digitizing etc.
Catering to the custom embroidery digitising industry for many years has led in us having a lot of productive interactions with our clients who continually notified us about the dearth of decent Stock embroidery designs in the market. So, to answer the requests of our consumers we now provide embroidered patterns in a broad range.
The photographs of patterns provided on our website are real machine embroidery digital files. The procedure of purchasing designs from us will comprise downloading the digital links accessible in a myriad of formats after finilazing your desired criteria.
Our highly competent embroidery artists produce high-quality machine embroidered patterns as per client requests and avoid thread faults and deliver rapid results. We provide a wide choice of machine embroidery patterns in all key categories so everyone can rapidly identify their selected embroidered designs and utilize them in fabric creations. These embroidery designs are not mended and not delivered at any physical place in the shape of tangible goods. It will be supplied entirely in a digital form by email and available for download immediately after the payment is done.
All designs have been tested numerous times on basic cloth, hence cannot include any default. Incase of any such problem happening, we assure you a prompt redressal of the situation.

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Machine Embroidery Designs

The majority of machine embroidery was performed before computers became inexpensive by punching patterns into paper tape, which was then passed through an embroidery machine. One mistake might completely demolish a design, requiring the designer to start over from the beginning.
The word "machine embroidery" refers to the technique of creating a pattern on a textile of your choosing by using a sewing machine or a specialty embroidery machine to stitch the pattern on the textile. However, it is most typically employed in the business sector since it is an excellent tool for branding items or uniforms. However, it may also be used to produce patterns for simply ornamental reasons. Free-motion machine embroidery and computerised machine embroidery are the two most common forms of machine embroidery.

Free-motion Machine Embroidery

Free-motion machine embroidery is a technique in which patterns are generated with a simple zigzag sewing machine; nevertheless, this may be fairly restrictive. Furthermore, since the embroiderer must build the pattern manually using the sewing machine's many settings, it is both labor-intensive and very time-consuming.

Computerised Machine Embroidery

Computerised machine embroidery Computerised machine embroidery, on the other hand, is controlled by a computer, as the name indicates. These industrial and commercial embroidery machines, such as the ones we use here at Custom Planet, are equipped with a hooping or frame system that keeps the embroidered area of a cloth tight beneath the sewing needles while the machine is in operation. The machine then moves the region automatically in order to construct the design from a digital embroidery pattern that has been previously preset.
In addition to printing and hand embroidery, there will be various ways to choose when having garments and accessories branded or adorned with a pattern of your choosing. However, there are a number of benefits to machine embroidery that make it the most appropriate option for some tasks,

  • It is reliable
  • It is fast and efficient
  • It requires very little manual labour

Free Embroidery Designs

Until you're a seasoned embroiderer, employing a pattern for your embroidered job is a sensible concept. With the great choice of free patterns accessible throughout our website, you're likely to discover a pattern to fit your interests and ability level. Glance through the selection of free designs, then use your chosen technique to transfer it to your embroidery cloth and you're ready to begin your handiwork.
Here you will find a variety of free embroidery designs from our extensive library. It is good to first try out the free sample to determine the quality. Once you try our free embroidery designs, we are going to sweep you of your feet making you buy from us again and again.
Here you can discover a range of free embroidery patterns from our huge collection. It is important to first try out the free sample to judge the quality. Once you experience our free embroidery designs, we are going to sweep you of your feet making you purchase from us again and again.